What Happened to Jon

Originally posted by Jon's Parents on CaringBridge.com

Jon Clark at the Nascar RacesNow that I realize I can leave updates in the journal section, that's where they will be.

I think everyone knows Jon's story by now.  He was struck by a tractor-trailer while on the Cap to Cap ride in Richmond on Saturday, May 11.  My Mother's Day miracle was that he survived and I am very grateful for that.

The fact that he was in such good shape from riding has been a blessing. It certainly helped him get through the first three surgeries and will help with his future recovery.

Once again, we thank everyone for your support.

Barb & Bob

December 12, 2013 Update

Jon had the second fitting for his prosthetic leg last week and actually took 3 steps with the help of parallel bars.  Very exciting!  He has an appointment next week to pick up the leg.  Therapy should get interesting now!

Dr. Willis told him his hip surgery won't be until February. Jon needs to be able to walk with his new leg first, so he can put weight on both legs after surgery.  Makes sense, but Jon was hoping it could be sooner.

November 25th Update

Today, for the first time in over 6 months, Jon stood up. He used a walker and had help getting out of his chair from Karina, his physical therapist. Heidi was here and she commented she hadn't realized he was so tall - since she met him at Retreat Hospital and had only seen him lying down or seated. It was quite a day! Astonishingly, his hip did not give him any problems. Of course, all of his weight was on his left leg and his knee wasn't used to that, but he was still able to stand without too much pain.

You can imagine what our family will be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We have been looking forward to this day for a long time and Jon deserves a lot of credit for all of the work it took to get this far. He is still our hero.

November 16th Update

Jon had his first visit on Friday with the prosthetic company and measurements were taken.  We go back in three weeks for the first fitting.  HIs Cat Scan has been scheduled for Nov.22nd.  Results from that will determine his surgery schedule.

Just had a great visit from Jon's friend and landlord Doug. He flew into Charlotte from Chicago on Thursday night.  Drove  here on Friday and just left an hour or so ago to drive back to Charlotte and catch a flight home on Sunday.  Now that's some friend!!

Busy few days, but worth it.

November 5th Update

It's been awhile since I posted any news.  Jon's been hanging in there, doing his PT and waiting for bone to heal so he can have his hip replacement surgery.  He met with his new doctor at Sheltering Arms who will be handling his rehabilitation.  We like her a lot. He meets with the prosthetic people next week and the process will begin on fitting him with his new leg.  More steps forward.

His physical therapist has started working with a transfer board with him.  Eventually, he can use the board to slide from bed to chair and chair to car without having to use the lift.  This is not easy for him since he does not have complete use of his left arm, but he keeps working on it.

September 27th Update

Jon's appointment with his surgeon was yesterday and he survived an over 2-hour ride in wheel chair accessible van (one way) to get to Richmond. We would have preferred an ambulance ride where he can be on a  stretcher, but nothing was available from where we live - one of the downsides of living in the country.

Dr. Willis was pleased with his progress.  The boot has come off and he wants Jon to continue what he has been doing in PT. The bones are all healing and he was pleased with how his tibia has improved since his last visit.
 We go back in early November for a CAT scan to determine when he can have his hip replacement surgery.  We are still aiming for the end of this year.

September 24th Update

We celebrated Jon's birthday this weekend with the family. Nineteen folks from the age of 6 months to Grammy - who is 96.  Had a great day and great food.  Jon was up in his wheelchair for over 8 hours -  a personal best! 
Thanks to the kids - Benson, Annaliese and Samantha for the wonderful artwork they made for Jon's bedroom walls.

Everyone who sees Jon thinks he looks great. We've been feeding him well.  I figure we will get Jon back to his fighting weight and Bob & I will end up weighing 300 pounds each.

September 13 Update

Well, the first week having Jon at home seems to have flown by.  We have stuffed him with turkey and shrimp and rock fish and spaghetti and  2 pumpkin pies.  Next weekend we are planning a family get together to celebrate his birthday - lots more food there, too.

Physical therapy has already started.  They will be coming three times a week and then Bob and I can fill in the other days.  We are very pleased with the two young women who have been here so far.
Jon is still recovering from the gall bladder surgery - the stomach muscles are still getting back to normal, so some of the PT moves aren't as easy as they were, but time will take care of that.

September 6 Update

The eagle has landed - or more specifically - Jon came home with us today.  We were thinking they would keep him one more day since he just had the gall bladder surgery, but when Bob got to the hospital today, they had already started the discharge process. 
It was a crazy day.  Jon's bed got here about one hour before he did and then part of it was missing, so they had to send another driver from Richmond with the part. He finally got settled in and had dinner at the dining room table with us and he and his Dad are now watching the NASCAR race back in the bedroom. 
One more giant step forward.  It is great having him home.
Barb & Bob

August 24 Update

Jon's appointment with Dr. Willis on Thursday resulted in the removal of the cast on his left leg. It was replaced with a boot, which actually feels a little heavier than the cast, but he can take it off for a few hours everyday. It also allows the wound care staff access to the road rash that wasn't healing very quickly under the cast. Another step forward. The other GREAT news is it looks like Jon can come home with us either this coming Friday or the Friday after that. FINALLY!!